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A&W Root Beer Coupons

A&W Root Beer coupons include sales codes on soft drinks and also on menu items at the A&W Restaurant chain. In fact, you'll be able to find coupons for one of the oldest root beer brands in American history in a number of sources, though it might be confusing for people who aren't aware of A&W's many business connections. People who enjoy extreme couponing will like that they can get coupons not only for the A&W drink products or even their restaurant chain, but also under the Dr. Pepper coupon sections of newspapers and websites. That's because the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, a subsidiary of the Cadbury Plc, owns A&W root beer. Most coupons for Dr. Pepper soft drinks apply to A&W root beer packages.

2016 A&W Root Beer Coupons

A & W Root Beer Coupons & Restaurant Coupons 2016Before printing off printable coupon codes, always check to see whether a coupon has expired or not. I notice people post complaints on online coupon sites that their coupon didn't work. Sometimes that happens because a coupon isn't honored in that location. Another key reason is that a coupon's expiration date has come and gone. It's annoying when a website continues to see the 2011 A&W coupons on a list of 2016 A&W root beer coupons, but you can avoid the frustration and embarrassment of presenting a useless coupon by checking that fact out before you print it out. That being said, I search for sites that remove old coupons from their list in a timely fashion, making certain I don't have to worry about that aspect of couponing online.

A&W Restaurant Coupons

The A&W Restaurant coupons page on Retail Me Not has three popular A&W Root Beer coupons and several unpopular coupons (labeled "these might not work, but give 'em a try").

Printable A&W Coupons

Some of the coupons you can print off give $1.00 off any combo, including a regular drink and fries. Another coupon gives $1.00 off any chipotle crunch combo. This coupon is out of date at present, but deals like these are seasonal, so always check a coupons website before driving down to the local restaurant. I've seen bargains for the All-America combo box, a bacon-double combo, a bacon-double cheeseburger combo dinner, a root beer float, and a bacon-ranch crunch combo, which is one of my favorites.

About A&W Restaurant

A&W Restaurant serves burgers, fries, and hot dogs, along with their world-famous root beer. Many of these restaurants are built with drive-in car-hop style, like a Sonic restaurant. You might think the A&W Restaurant is something recent or novel, but the first A&W Restaurant was opened in 1921. In fact, the chain has been referred to as America's first successful fast food chain. By 1960, there were 2000 A&W restaurants in North America. As late as the early 1970s, the country had more A&W Restaurants than McDonald's franchise, if you can believe that.

In the 1990s, as many as 200 of these A&W Restaurants began converting into "A&W Hot Dogs & More". These outlets often were found in shopping malls. Though these aren't as widespread as before, you'll occasionally find a franchise still in operation. You'll often find A&W stores co-branded with one of Yum! Brands Incorporated's 38,000+ restaurants, mainly in Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or Long John Silver establishments. A&W Restaurant continues to expand, such as the outlet which opened in Bangladesh in 2010. This store serves 100% halal food and even has an all-you-can-eat promotion during Ramadan, the Muslim holy month where fasting is expected (during the daylight hours). It should be noted that the Bengali people are mainly Islamic.

To get more coupons information, click on the A&W coupons page on the url I just linked to. I'd link directly, but from what I understand, the link doesn't come up properly for everybody. If it does, you can sign up for coupon information or special gift cards.

More Dr. Pepper Brands

Dr. Pepper owns a lot of soft drink brands you know about, not just A&W. Other brands that Dr. Pepper coupons would work for include RC Cola, Country Time lemonade, 7 Up, Diet Rite, Crush, IBC Root Bear, Clamato, Mott's, Schweppes, Sunkist, Welch's, Tahitian Treat, Snapple, and Venom Energy Drink. One good couponing tip is to learn the manufacturer or owner of a brand, because their company coupons often apply to any brands marketed by that corporation.

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