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Fanta Coupons

Redeeming Fanta coupons will allow you to sample the beverage that's been soothing taste buds around the globe for decades. Of course, there are plenty of places to find free coupons, so how do you determine the best way to start? That's what this article is all about, as well as a few tidbits regarding the history of Fanta and its nutritional impact on your body.

Fanta Printable Coupons

Fanta Coupons 2016Like all beverages made by the Coca-Cola Company, there are no printable coupons to be found on the official Fanta website. Maybe things were different in the past, but anyone searching for bargains in 2016 will need to look elsewhere. The same goes for the Fanta pages on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Instead, I suggest typing 'Fanta coupons' into Google and seeing what turns up. When I tried this strategy, the top result was for RetailMeNot.com, but their most recent Fanta coupon was posted seven months prior. The next listing, from Mom's CouponMatic, was equally unhelpful. In fact, most of the sites I clicked on failed to deliver, something I've found to be all-too-common when searching for printable coupons.

Don't give up right away, though, as there are quality coupon websites out there. Once you find a site that's frequently updated, you can bookmark it and visit whenever it's convenient.

Fanta 2016 Coupons

Searching for 2016 Fanta coupons on the Internet can be a bit like trying to hit a fastball, while clipping them out of the Sunday newspaper assures you of a homerun every time. This is my primary method of racking up free coupons, and it's yet to let me down. Even if you can't locate specific bargains for Fanta, you may find that some Coca-Cola coupons will allow you to redeem them for any product made by the company.

Fanta Drink History

The origins of Fanta stretch back to 1941 in Nazi Germany. At the time, a trade embargo prevented Coca-Cola from being imported into Germany, so the head of Coca-Cola Deutschland, Max Keith, decided to create a new beverage to generate revenue and keep his people employed. Made from the ingredients that nobody wanted, this drink would become known as Fanta. It also happened to be the second drink made by the Coca-Cola Company. To this day, the basic version sold in Germany differs greatly to the popular orange variety bottled in America.

Originally, the drink was sold only in Europe, and later attempts to dominate the U.S. market were less than successful. In 2001, Coke decided to once again bring the drink to the states, and so they busied themselves creating a colorful ad campaign complete with lovely women and a catchy theme song. This time it worked, and Fanta has added the United States to the many nations that clamor for its fruity flavors.

Fanta Girls

If you watch much television, you've probably seen cheerful Fanta commercials with the attractive women in brightly-colored outfits. These lovely ladies are known as the Fantanas, and their slogan is 'Wanna Fanta! Don't you wanna?'. Their backstory involves living on the fictional Fantana Island, where they were discovered after a wealthy entertainment mogul fell off his yacht and washed ashore.

In reality, there have been several groups of Fantanas over the years, with the original incarnation first appearing in 2002. Several of the Fantanas have went on to enjoy solo success, including Katerina Graham, Adrienne Janic, and K.D. Aubert.

Fanta Flavors List

Fanta is a true global soft drink, being sold in countries ranging from Chile to Iran. In fact, there are 90 different flavors of Fanta currently being offered. While I don't have room to list them all, I will provide a rundown of all the delicious Fanta brands currently available in the United States. The following are considered to be the main flavors:

  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Grape
  • Pineapple

These are not the only flavors sold in America, however. For example, Banana, Blue Raspberry, Wild Cherry, Pina Colada, and Kiwi Strawberry are only sold as Slurpee flavors at 7-Eleven stores. Others are available in certain regions, such as Apple being sold only in California and Georgia, and Fruit Punch being sold exclusively in Hawaii.

Fanta Calories

For those of you who are concerned about the amount of calories, here's a rundown of what you can expect to find in a 20 ounce bottle of Fanta Orange:

  • Calories - 275
  • Sodium - 88mg
  • Total Carbohydrates - 75.0g

The grape flavor of Fanta is even more fattening, with a total of 300 calories (20 ounce bottle) and 82.3 grams of carbohydrates. Then again, most people searching for free Fanta coupons are looking for a distinct taste and not a diet beverage.

There are printable Fanta coupons and clippable Fanta coupons. Both are readily accepted at supermarkets across the country, and you can wind up saving a respectable amount of cash if you drink the beverage on a regular basis. And while you're looking, don't be surprised if you come across a number of non-Fanta related coupons that are just begging to be added to your collection.

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