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Hansens Beverage Coupons

Hansens Beverage Coupons are a little easier to find than many of their energy drink and fruit drink competitors. I've noticed that some of the energy drink companies seem to have contempt for coupons and coupon shopping. I'm not sure if that's because they view their drink as a up-market luxury item or niche item whose customers shouldn't expect discounting, or if they don't think they're younger, hipper demographic is interested in discounts. Either way, some of these companies have almost zero sales promotions or manufactured coupons.

Those not too involved in the energy drink market might be wondering what Hansens Beverage is. It kind of sounds like one of those snake-oil tonics that was sold back in the Old West that would supposedly cure headaches, "dyspepsia", and several diseases. Skeptics about energy drinks might consider Hansens, which produces the Monster energy drinks, and its competitors to be the modern equivalent of those tonics. I wouldn't be one of those skeptics.

In fact, Hansens Beverage Company has been selling drinks since 1935 and it sells a whole lot more than just 21st century energy drinks. Hansens sells natural soda, diet soda, drink mixers, fruit juices, and juices for children. The company has over $1 billion in sales every year, so it's a big drink corporation with a lot of drinking options to offer.

Hansen's Beverage Coupons Facebook

Hansens Beverage Coupons 2016Hansen's Beverage Company doesn't have much of a presence on Facebook. The Hansens Beverage Facebook page only has a hundred or so followers. That's a shame, because people can sign up here for updates from Hansen's Drinks to get updates on the latest product releases, promotions, and sales. The page isn't updated as much as it should be. Facebook people are like zombies--they're drawn to activity. So you might find yourself frustrated by the lack of activity, but it's worth befriending Hansen's Drinks and perhaps encourage more participation on their part.

Free Hansen's Coupons - Hansen's Soda Coupons Twitter

In comparison, Hansen's Soda has a much bigger footprint on Twitter. This page has over 1,000 tweets and nearly 2,000 followers. If you choose to follow only one Hansen's drink social networking site, you should be following their Twitter activity.

Hansen's Soda on Amazon

Hansen's Natural Soda website directs its customers to buy their product online at Amazon. They point out on the page where I linked that any Hansen's beverage orders at Amazon that are over $25 are automatically classified for the free Super Savers shipping program. You can mix and match other orders with this shipment. All you have to do is fill your shopping cart with $25.00 or more in product, select "Group my items into as few shipments as possible", and click order. You can expect your shipment to arrive in 5-8 business days. If you want the best shipping deal at Amazon, I suggest the free 2-day shipping option. You have to pay around $70.00 per year, but if you buy any amount of Amazon products and you want them quick, it's the way to go. I always tell people the Christmas shopping I do on Amazon covers that seventy-dollar expense.

2016 Hansen's Beverage Coupons

Unlike many soda coupons, you may not find as many Hansen's Beverage coupons in the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts. It seems like many of these new age drink companies avoid the coupon craze. If they want free marketing advice, it seems to me that the energy and fruit drink company that's most aggressive in coupon marketing would be at a decided advantage in growing their customer base. Nothing says the older generation couldn't be introduced to the fruit drink selections of a company like Hansen's. They've been around since 1935, so someone other than the iPod generation has liked their drinks all these years.

Hansen's Drink Selection

You've probably heard about a number of Hansen's Natural soda flavors and juice drinks. Examples of Hansen's drinks include Hansen's Natural Soda, Blue Sky, Hansen's Juice, Hubert's Lemonade, Fruit & Tea Stix, Vidration, the Smoothie Nectar, Junior Juice, and Junior Water.

Printable Hansens Coupons

I'm afraid you won't find too many printable Hansen's coupons online. When I was searching, I found plenty of links to some kind of nail polish or fashion items from "Sally Hansen". I suggest any search for Hansen's beverage printable coupons should include the "-sally" inside the quotation marks along with the other keywords. This should remove any results that includes Sally Hansen products. Good luck searching for print-off Hansen's Natural Soda coupons. It won't be the easiest task when coupon shopping online, but if you drink a lot of the product, it's worth the trouble. Just save any results you do get for later reference--and post somewhere online to help the rest of us coupon shoppers.

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