Drink Coupons in 2016

Kool Aid Coupons

Kool Aid coupons give you discounts off a product that's already less expensive and less sugary than drinking soft drinks. Kool Aid markets itself as being 1/3rd cheaper than buying soft drinks and having 1/3rd the sugar content. In fact, Kool Aid is one of those drinks that's so cheap that it's a good bargain even when you don't have a coupon.

Free Kool Aid Coupons in 2016

That beings me to one tip when searching for free Kool Aid coupons. Never turn your nose up at a Kool Aid freebie coupon, no matter how small the savings. When you have packages of product that sell for as little as 10 cents, any savings are going to be a nice percentage. If you find a $0.02 coupon for a 10-cent package of Kool-Aid, that represents the same 20% savings you'd get from a $2.00 off coupon off a $10.00 item.

Kool Aid Coupons on Facebook

Kool Aid Coupons 2016Kool Aid is active on Facebook, where you'll find frequent updates and news items for you Kool Aid coupon searches. Sign up for the Facebook alerts and you'll have a steady stream of printable Kool-Aid coupons to print off. The current coupon ad includes $0.50 off 5 Kool-Aid packets. It's my belief this is $0.10 off every single package. That may not seem like much of a discount, but keep in mind that Target has sold Kook-Aid packets for as little as $0.11 before, so this coupon reduces the price a percentage well beyond most other promotions you'll ever find. One-cent Kool-Aid sounds like a pretty good price to me.

As you can tell from the Kool-Aid Man logo on the Facebook page, Kook-Aid Man is a lot more modern looking than I remember him from the early days. Kook-Aid Man, the company mascot, has been around since the 1960s, when General Foods first bought the company. Kool-Aid man has made a lot of appearances outside ad campaigns over the year, appearing in an Atari video game, an Intellivision video game, and his own Marvel Comics title back in the 1980s. Kool-Aid Man also has appeared in several Archie Comics and 6 different episodes of The Family Guy.

Kool Aid Coupons on Twitter

I won't link to a Koolaid Twitter page, because I can't figure out which is the official web page for tweets about Kool-Aid. You'll find three quite good Kool-Aid Man Twitter pages, but none of them strike me as official. The first has 4,000 followers and a nice Kool-Aid Man video page, which includes most of the videos I described above. Something about it doesn't seem official, perhaps because I never saw any mention of Kool-Aid printable coupons or other offers. The second page obviously isn't official, since it contains many obscenities from the poster. I'm assuming Kool-Aid doesn't hire an employee to post that content.

The third option seems more like an official page, but it has the fewest followers (400) and it link to the Kool-Aid Wikipedia page, not the corporate site. I tried to follow a link from the official Kool-Aid website back to Twitter, but that didn't work, either. While the Facebook link is one of three prominent links complete with a Kool-Aid pic on the homepage of the official drink website, I found no reference to a Kool-Aid Twitter account. It might be that Kool-Aid just doesn't like Twitter--not a smart move.

2016 Kool-Aid Coupons - Coupons on eBay

Your best bet for high-savings 2016 Kool-Aid coupons might be on eBay, of all places. The eBay page doesn't have many coupons for sale, but it does have a coupon deals selling for as little as $3.50. The price is for a certain number of Kool-Aid packages, which come along with 2 free coupons. I'm not sure if the numbers match up on this one, but check your local prices and see if the numbers make sense. This coupons remain in effect until December 31, 2016, so it's a long running offer.

Shoppers can also find Kool-Aid package bargains on eBay, but eyeballing these deals, I don't know if they're such good offers. One include 100 Kool-Aid packets for $13.00, but I'm betting you can do better than that at your local store--especially when you factor in shipping. Some of these deals sound good, but I suggest you always do the math.

Printable Kool Aid Coupons

Let me finish by saying something about the current state of the printable Kool Aid coupon industry online. I can understand why you're searching for good information and good links, because you have to sift through a lot of lousy websites to find good information. I'm tired of these sites which sound like sales copy and offers really no good information on the coupons you want. If you're searching for drink coupons like I am, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Hopefully, this site can provide a little bit better information than most of what you'll find.

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