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Lipton Coupons

Lipton coupons provide discounts on products from the world's largest supplier of tea. With such a wide ranging product base, you should expect to find a suitable amount of coupon codes and other promotional offers from Lipton. I'll discuss the best places to find Lipton coupon codes online, while suggesting alternate places to find Lipton coupons. Let's start with Lipton's current owner, the people at Unilever.

Printable Lipton Coupons and Unilever

Lipton Coupons 2016People in America might not know much about the Unilever PLC, but the British-Dutch company is an absolutely huge multinational corporation. Unilever ranks third in the world among consumer goods companies, only behind American giants Proctor & Gamble and Nestle. Unilever is also Earth's largest maker of ice cream. Unilever is the 18th largest company on the FTSE 100 Index (associated with the London Stock Exchange) and has a market cap of £27,300,000,000. So if you can't find Lipton coupons, search on this page for Unilever coupons for your favorite Unilever brands, according to the official Unilever website itself.

Lipton Global Website

I assumed the Lipton Global website was a good place to start searches for free Lipton coupons. I didn't find a lot of good information on Lipton sales and promotions, but I did learn about their connection to the Rainforest Alliance and their commitment to selling certified tea. Lipton hopes to one day sell tea only from plantations that are certified. The company is currently seeing that all of their own plantations are certified as ecologically sustainable. Once this is done, they intend on asking their other suppliers to do the same.

Lipton's Tea & Health Club

Lipton's Tea & Health Club is where you can get articles, lifestyle tips, and recipes involving Lipton products. Those who sign up for the newsletter receive free product samples, information, and special offers. Since the "information" is grouped in with discounts and free stuff, I assume the newsletter offers promotional information on sales.

Free Lipton Coupons on Facebook in 2016

The Lipton Green Tea Facebook page has an offer for free Lipton coupons. When you like the Facebook Green Tea page and register on the page, you'll receive a free Lipton Green Tea coupon. The coupon is for "Lipton Green Tea with Superfruit Taste". I love green tea, because it's supposed to have an ingredient which relieves stress. I've never had the superfruit taste. In fact, I'm not sure if I want a different tasting green tea, but I'll try it, especially since it's free.

The regular Lipton Iced Tea Facebook page offers recipes if you like the page. This page has over a quarter of a million likes, so it has a lot of traffic and a lot of Lipton shoppers on the page at any given time. I bet if the green tea page offers coupons, the iced tea Facebook page does sometimes, too. Check to see if new Lipton Iced Tea products are being released, because I bet coupons for the product are offered on Facebook when they do. The Lipton Twitter page has a big community, too.

2016 Lipton Deals - Lipton Sweepstakes

The Bargain Briana website has information about a Lipton printable coupon sweepstakes that took place in 2011. This offer is no longer available, but it's an example of what coupon shoppers can expect to find among the 2016 Lipton coupons and promotions. The winner of this sweepstakes won an all-expense paid trip to Kenya, where the person could visit a Rainforest Alliance certified tea plantation and a check for $25,000 to aid your local community in its sustainability efforts.

Along with the sweepstakes, those who signed up received a Lipton coupon for $1.00 off pyramid tea bags or green tea bags. You can tell Lipton wants people to try their green teas. Many Americans prefer their iced tea to hot tea like the British drink or green tea of any kind. Lipton knows the benefits of drinking green tea and probably assumes Americans (and non-Americans) are likely to enjoy what they drink, if they just give green tea a try.

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