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Monster Energy Drink Coupons

Monster Energy Drink is one of the premier energy drinks in the American market today. Monster Energy Drink coupons are some of the hardest-to-find promo codes in the American market, too, because of the company's policy on offering coupons. Even their Facebook page has little information on coupons for their product. You'll find pictures of race cars, motorcycles, and racing girls, but little information on couponing. Since I know people want to "unleash the beast" (their corporate slogan) at a reduced price, I did a little research. Here's what I found.

2016 Monster Energy Drink Coupons

Monster's official website claims it has never produced online coupons or printable coupons. They even go so far as to suggest that any printable coupons you find online are counterfeit coupons. They pose two questions and then answer them.

Printable Monster Energy Drink Coupons

Monster Energy Drink Coupons 2016The first question is: "What is you find a Monster Energy coupon online...is it valid?" They emphatically answer that it's not valid and won't be accepted by retailers.

The second question the site poses is: "What if I purchased a Monster Energy Drink coupon online?" Again, the site suggests that it's not theirs and they suggest you avoid using it.

Free Monster Energy Drink Coupons

When you read these comments, it kind of implies no Monster Energy Drink coupons you find on the Internet are legitimate. I'm not sure if their customer relations department entirely gets online coupons and coupon codes, because many sites offer a heads-up on sales offered by local stores or coupons offered in local newspapers.

I doubt the Monster Energy Drink executives have entirely cut themselves off from the promotional advantages to offering any kind of coupon to its wide base of customers. So I assume legitimate newspaper and coupon booklet promotions are out there. That means you can find information online that points the way to good Monster Energy Drink deals in your local area.

I'm sure Monster employees have found eBay sales of Monster drink coupons before, because I've seen the same thing. In this case, I have to agree with Monster and would suggest you probably shouldn't be buying too many coupons off eBay.

2016 Monster Energy Drink Coupons

One reason I doubt the customer relations people at Monster have all the facts is the fact they assume people are "paying for coupons" online in the year 2016. Most people look for free Monster energy drink coupons. I doubt most of us think we have to pay for promo codes, since that somewhat undercuts the very reason you get coupons in the first place. Again, I don't want to contradict the Monster people too much, but something about their stance seems unrealistic or uninformed. Obviously, they know whether they issue online coupons, so I assume these don't exist at all.

Monster Energy Drink Consumer Relations

If you have further questions about Monster Energy Drink coupons, call their Consumer Relations Department at the toll-free number 800-426-7367.

Online Monster Energy Drink Coupons

People who buy a lot of Monster Energy Drinks should purchase their energy drinks in bulk amounts. Get them by the case if you know you're going to be buying a bunch of these products, because the savings are tremendous. In fact, I wouldn't make one purchase of an energy drink product from a convenience store once I figure out that I'm going to be drinking a bunch of them. Convenience stores jack up the price considerably on everything. Drink items are among the most inflated prices in the store, because they know most people wanting to purchase a cold beverage is going to be hot, sweaty, and thirsty. They'll pay whatever the price is to get their fix.

You'll find another reason to buy large packs of the Monster Energy Drink. The coupon discounts on these items are the greatest. You can find a 2016 Monster Energy Drink coupon for $6.00 off a full case of Monster. That's huge savings beyond the money you save off the amount above, so you're saving two ways at once.

This only applies to people who buy a lot of Monster Energy Drink. Most people searching for coupon items are return customers, though. They've figured out they like a product, even if they don't necessarily like that product's price. My advice applies to all grocery purchases, but none more so than energy drinks, which can be pricey at times.

About Hansen Natural

Hansen Natural, now know as Monster Beverage Corporation, is a publicly traded NASDAQ company under the "MNST" designation. Hansen's has been selling energy drinks in California for 30 years, but has sold their signature fruit drinks in Southern California since 1935.

The Monster Beverage Corporation has gone through several name changes and owners throughout the years. These days, Monster has over 30 flavors and products, though some of these are only sold in certain countries and regions. You'll find multiple versions of Monster Rehab, Monster Shooters, and Monster Nitrous. In fact, Monster Nitrous is also known as Monster Extra Strength. Java and X-Presso drinks are also available, though the Java drinks have a number of discontinued selections.

Monster beverages sponsor a number of racing and motocross sponsorships. Everyone from BMX riders and snowboarders to IndyCar and Australian V8 Supercar champions act as celebrity endorsers for the Monster Energy Drink.

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