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Perrier Coupons

Finding Perrier coupons online is harder than it looks. Many of the discounts and promotions I found while searching for Perrier bottled water coupon codes instead sent me to some sort of French wine coupons. Others sent me to discounts for some manner of cologne. When you combine that with the fact that many of the coupon offers I found included dead links, out of date coupon offers, and suspicious downloads, I have to warn you to stick on the beaten path and not wander too far from the websites you already trust when printing off Perrier coupons.

That method gives you fewer options to find Perrier sales items. One of the Perrier web pages I would recommend is the next one, though I'm sure it offers some good information. How much good information is a matter up for debate.

Printable Perrier Coupons 2016

Perrier Coupons 2016One Perrier coupon online is the $1-off any 3-liter bottle of Perrier. This coupon requires you to put in the zip code 78250 (San Antonio) and to click on beverages on the Coupons Dotcom website. I have to admit that I don't like this website too much. Though it's a pretty site and it usually has between 100 and 120 printable coupons at any given time, that's a pretty small number of discounts for a consumer nation like the USA. Also, the site doesn't offer a handy search tool, so you have to navigate through it in a haphazard fashion that takes time and patience. I prefer coupon website which has coupons listed by brand name.

Since some online coupon shoppers might not find this site promising, let's take a look at the Perrier Facebook coupons.

Perrier Coupons on Facebook

I still haven't figured out whether this is the official Facebook page for Perrier coupons or not. I've heard it described as a "Perrier fan" who maintains the webpage, but I'm not so sure about that. Most official product pages have tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Facebook "likes". Most person-owned pages that feature a product tend to have between 4 and 200 likes, depending on how often they post. This Facebook page has 74,000+ likes. Also, the person seems to know a strange amount of facts about Perrier mineral water, while the page itself claims to be official. The point being, it does have enough people discussing it that you can learn about Perrier coupons on the site, which is what's most important.

Perrier Coupon Alert

Let me warn you about one Perrier coupon site out there, because I nearly fell afoul of their ploy while searching for Perrier coupons. This is the Couple Castle. You'll find these ads displayed prominently on Google coupon pages, but something about the site makes me suspicious. When you click on their Perrier page, they'll want you to choose the state you live in and offer up an email address. Then they'll try to get you to click on a link to download a "coupon toolbar". This toolbar is supposed to give you coupon alerts when new deals are announced. I don't trust any site that makes me download a program onto my computer before I can print off even one coupon. You might think differently, but since the original Google link is called Promo-CouponCodes and doesn't mention Coupon Castle, I find it doubly-suspicious. You want information on coupons, but I feel the need to provide information on traps you might encounter while trying to find printable Perrier coupons.

Nestle Coupons Signup

Perhaps the best place to learn about Perrier coupons is the Nestle World website. Since Perrier is now distributed by Nestle, you can sign up for email alerts or the RSS feed to learn about the latest releases of Nestle coupons, including Perrier deals released by Nestle.

I occasionally mention that people should sign up for coupon offers when they want a particular product. You might think this becomes a lot of different coupon offers to sift through. When you think about the many brands that are sold by the same company, the number of corporate coupon programs you'd need to sign up for aren't that great. Find a few of them with multiple products you like and make sure you're on their mailing list. For instance, Perrier and Ovaltine are both distributed by Nestle, so signing up for the one means you'd be signing up for the other. Nestle even lets you select which products you want to get alerts about. You also have a one-click ability to unsubscribe, if you feel like Nestle is spamming you or their emails are too obtrusive.

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