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RC Cola Coupons

RC Cola coupons are found on RC product pages on social networking sites, under the Royal Crown Cola name on coupons pages, and on their official website. Like many soft drink coupons, it's a little harder to find good deals and promotions for beverages than other industries. Despite the growing number of coupon code sites and social network information on the Internet each year, the best place to find RC coupons remains the Sunday coupon inserts in newspapers. While remembering to search online, don't forget to take a look at your local weekend paper and other publications. I'll give you a few deals you can find online, if you don't like searching through the newspaper.

2016 RC Cola Coupons

RC Cola Coupons 2016The most common RC Cola coupon you'll find online is the $0.55 off an RC Cola 12-pack or 2-liter. Watch out, because many of the coupons I found are out-of-date from sales a year or two ago. Companies offer certain promotions annually, so you'll find coupons from two different years that look quite similar. Search for the 2016 RC Cola coupon or try to find the expiration date printed on the cut-out.

Another common RC ad right now is an excellent deal for $0.79 2-liters. Their regular price is $0.99, so that's a 20% discount from the usual prices. Anytime you can get a twenty-percent off a product, you're doing pretty well. These are free coupons you'll find in inserts and occasionally posted online on the printable coupons sites. I've read this is part of the 7-Up "buy 2, get a 3rd 2-liter cheap" promotion, but I don't see the connection.

RC Cola on Facebook

You won't find too many RC Cola coupons on Facebook. You will find vintage RC Cola ad art, nearly 10,000 RC Cola fans, and a few discussion threads about the product and any good deals you might find. You'll probably have to look elsewhere to find good RC Cola coupon discounts, though.

Printable RC Coupons 2016

If you can't find Royal Crown Cola coupons on the RC Cola coupons page, you might be able to find coupon information on the Dr Pepper page. Dr Pepper Facebook is one of the most active social networking pages on the Internet, with between 11 and 12 million people on the site liking the page. You'll find the latest news about Dr Pepper brand products on the page, along with links to printable Dr Pepper coupons. Most of those coupons are going to involve Dr Pepper and its alternate drink choices, such as Diet Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Ten, and Cherry Dr Pepper.

Sometimes, you'll hear about deals that cover every soft drink marketed by the Dr Pepper-Snapple Company, which handles RC Cola distribution inside the United States. Outside the USA, Royal Crown Cola International now handles distribution of RC products. RC International sells soft drinks as far afield as Bangladesh, Brazil, Israel, and the Philippines. You can see RC commercial for each of those countries on the RC Cola International marketing page.

About RC Cola

RC Cola has been a competitor and alternative to Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola for over a century now. Throughout that time, the RC Cola company has been an innovator in the industry. RC was the first soda company to sell drinks in a can. Later, RC was the first soda company to sell drinks in aluminum cans. RC was the first soft drink company to sell a diet product, as well as a caffeine-free version of their brand name product. You could say RC Cola has affected the way Coke and Pepsi get their drinks to their customers--and the kind of drinks those soda giants sell to the public--more than any other single rival.

Collectors should know that RC has had a number of names over the years. In the beginning, the drink was sold under the name Chero Cola. By the 1920s, RC was sold under the name Nehi soda. In the 1930s, the original soda formula was reformulated and the name was changed to Royal Crown Cola. RC Cola would go on in that form for nearly another 70 years. In 2000, the Cadbury company out of England bought RC Cola and began to bottle and distribute Royal Crown Cola alongside its Dr Pepper brands (in the United States). Despite the happy coincidence of the name "royal", RC had nothing to do with England before 2000. The inventor of RC Cola was a gentlemen living in American Georgia in 1904. But let's talk about RC coupons.

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