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Rockstar Energy Drink Coupons

Rockstar Energy Drink coupons aren't found on all of the major online coupons websites, so you'll need to find alternate sources to download or print-off your coupons. Rockstar energy drinks are a little different from many of its competitors. Despite having as much sugar as most other major energy drinks, Rockstar has more of a tart taste than the competition. I personally like Rock Star Energy Drinks for that very reason, but I know of people who prefer anything but.

For those who enjoy the exotic taste of this unique energy drink, you can find Rockstar energy drink coupons on websites like Facebook and Twitter, along with some of the more dedicated or out-of-the-way coupons sites. In my research, I've found Rockstar coupons on free coupon forums and seen them talked about by the extreme couponing community.

Free Rockstar Energy Drink Coupons

Printable Rockstar Energy Drink Coupons 2016The best current printable Rockstar energy drink coupon is $1.00 off a 4-pack of 16-ounce AMP energy drinks or Rockstar energy drinks. This bargain came off the Rockstar Energy Drink mailing list, so remember to sign up for this list if you drink a lot of Rockstar. Anyone who consumes several Rockstars a week should remember to print off the printable Rockstar energy drink coupons.

Think about it for a minute. I know people who drink an energy drink product every single day. Let's say Rockstar is your drink of choice and you drink a 16-oz energy drink every single day--which is a pretty conservative assumption, given you're drinking so many of them. If you drink one every weekday throughout the year, you'll end up drinking over 250 Rockstar drinks per year. With a coupon like this, you're saving $0.25 on every single purchase. Drink 4 of them and that's $1.00 savings, which translates to over $60.00 per year. I bet most people drinking these drinks have one every day, and I bet they drink more than a 16-ounce sample per day. When you double the amount of intake (not unreasonable) and assume this is a 7-day a week habit, you're talking about savings of just under $200.00 per year.

That's a lot of money you could put somewhere else. You could make buy 4 video games, a couple of football tickets, or put that money aside for Christmas. Don't be the chump paying full price when you're one printable code away from big, continual savings.

Rockstar Energy Drink Sweepstakes

On April 30, 2016, a drawing will be held for the Rockstar Energy Drink sweepstakes. The winner of the sweepstakes wins either a free winter ski trip or a free trip to Hawaii. While these aren't the same as free coupons, anyone who joins the Rockstar coupon club can sign up for this sweepstakes in under a minute. Since you're already going to be on the mailing list for coupons, it's not as if signing up for the contest means you'll be spammed with ads by Rockstar. Rockstar mentions on their official site it's their policy not to spam, but even if they were spammers, you would already be in the trap.

Rockstar Energy Drink Facebook Page

The Rockstar Energy Drink Facebook page is another good place to get good free coupons for 2016. If you aren't aware of the Facebook coupon phenomenon, America's biggest social networking site is home to the biggest couponing community in the world. Every single product on the North American continent appears to have its own Facebook page. Anyone interested in a product, brand name, or retail chain should become friends with the corresponding Facebook page, because you'll be able to print off the latest coupons offered from the manufacturer or chain.

These represent huge communities of customers. Over 1,350,000 people have "liked" the Rockstar Energy Drink Facebook page. Why wouldn't they, since the page offers free Rockstar coupons. Rockstar has a presence on Twitter, too, but according to ShopAtHome, the success rate of some of the coupons off Twitter are under 20%.\

About Rockstar Energy Drinks

The Rockstar Energy Drink was marketed for the first time in 1988. Anyone familiar with the conservative radio talk show host, Michael Savage, will be interested to know that Rockstar was created by Michael Savage'e son. There's American entrepreneurship and free market capitalism at work. Unlike many of the energy drinks you'll see these days, Rockstar isn't owned by some corporate mega-giant like Coca-Cola.

Rockstar hasn't been without its controversies. When the drink first reached prominence, it marketed itself as twice the drink of Red Bull at the same price. The success of the Rockstar brand name brought with it controversy, as it was found that Rockstar's sugar content is high even for energy drinks. One should know that the caffeine in Rockstar acts as a diuretic, so if you drink a whole bunch of Rockstar while working out, it could lead to dehydration. If you drink in moderation, this should be no issue. Speaking of "drinking in moderation", an alcoholic version of Rockstar is sold in Canada, since Canadians must have alcohol at all times.

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