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Shasta Coupons

Shasta coupons can be used for discounts on over 30 brands of soda, both in the soft drink and the drink mixer markets. You might think of Shasta as some johnny-come-lately to the soda market, but the Shasta company has been around since the 19th century. Since that time, Shasta products have gone from mineral water to mixers and then the soft drink industry.

When the Baltimore-based Shasta Water Company began in 1899, Shasta sold mineral water from the Shasta Springs in Northern California. Shasta Springs was one of several resorts built around Mount Shasta, but the resort was closed down in the 1950s. The Mount Shasta area is now owned by the Saint Germain Foundation, a new age religion. By the time the resorts had closed down, the Shasta Water Company had made mixers like club soda, ginger ale, and mineral water their mainstay.

It was in the 1950s, in fact, when Shasta began to make a play in the soft drink industry. Shasta introduced a number of marketing innovations that would go on to become industry standards, including the way product was distributed, the type of boxes it was distributed in, and even the inclusion of low-calorie alternatives. Shasta would be bought by Sara Lee (then Consolidated Foods) in the 1960s and again by the National Beverage Corporation in the 1980s. The National Beverage Corporation continues to own Shasta, as well as other regional drink brands like Faygo, La Croix Sparkling Water, Rip It, Mr. Pure, and Ohana. These could be important names to remember when it's time to start shopping for Shasta coupons.

Free Shasta Coupons - What's Happening

Shasta Coupons 2016Like you would expect from a smaller competitor wanting to compete against the big boys, Shasta has a customer-friendly website that makes it easy to find the latest promotions. The Shasta What's Happening Promotions page helps you find events and promotions in your state or region. All you have to do is click on a state to find the events. Since Shasta is a regional soda brand, information won't be forthcoming for all 50 US states. In fact, I can tell you the people in California are going to have the most luck, though they have to "Stay Tuned" at the moment. You'll also find a "Where's My Shasta?" store locator, though once again, you'll only have regional coverage.

If you have specific coupon questions for Shasta Beverages, you should go to the ShastaPop Contact page. I would suggest you contact the advertising/marketing department, though the sales department also might be appropriate. All you have to do is add your name, a valid email address, and start typing your comments.

Printable Shasta Coupons

Shasta sometimes offers nice rebates and discounts. Late in 2011, Shasta offered a "Buy 2 12-packs, Get 1 Free" offer that's absolutely out of this world. The promotion is no longer running, but you should look for more deals like that in the future.

When I found that offer, I also found a good tip for online coupon shoppers everywhere. A lot of companies offer nice coupons, but include lots of brightly-colored sales copy at the bottom of the coupon for one reason or another. Printing off these color printings can become quite expensive, since the cost of ink cartridges in printers are out-of-hand these days. So if you have a printer which stops printing when it runs out of paper, gauge how long the coupon part of the copy is and tear off the bottom of the page. When you get to the wasteful part of the coupon, your printer should stop the process. Be sure to include the full barcode or your printable Shasta coupons won't work.

2016 Shasta Coupons

I found one BOGO Shasta coupon from 2011 that offered a big discount on Shasta products sold in states out west. For those new to coupon shopping, "BOGO" is an acronym meaning "Buy One Get One (Free)". This coupon points out one drawback to Shasta coupons--that it's only valid in California, Arizona, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Texas. These are the states where Shasta products are likeliest to be found in 2016, so it's no great loss to everyone else who couldn't use it anyway. I'll suggest an alternative for many of the readers, though.

Printable Faygo Coupons

The National Beverage Corporation bought Faygo to act as a kind of sister-drink to Shasta. Faygo, which can be seen as a midwestern counterpart to Shasta, began as a regionally-famous soft drink (founded in 1907 by two Russian immigrants). So while Shasta is a favorite in California, on the West Coast, and in parts of the American Southwest, Faygo acts as the National Beverage Corporations primary drink in the midwest and plains states. I've heard Faygo described as a national product, but I live in Texas and I've never seen it sold around here (though that doesn't mean it isn't). But if you want an alternative to Coke, Pepsi, and RC Cola and your region doesn't have Shasta products, Faygo Cola is the next best thing. I happened to find a $0.50 off coupon for 1 Faygo drink, so you can find good bargains on this Shasta alternative.

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