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Sunkist coupons are easy to use, free to obtain, and they allow you to enjoy major savings on the preferred orange soda drink in the United States. This article will discuss some of the best places to find free and/or printable coupons, as well as the types of flavors available and the nutritional value of each. If you drink a lot of Sunkist, this article could mean a big difference to your weekly budget.

Sunkist History

Sunkist Coupons 2012The history of Sunkist stretches back over a century, when citrus growers in Arizona and California started using the Sunkist label to mark products of superior quality. Then, in 1978, it was turned into an orange soda by General Cinema Corporation, a soft drink bottler and movie theatre chain.

The following year, the beverage was released across the nation, and it wasn't long before it claimed the top spot among orange-flavored soft drinks. Sunkist was bought by Del Monte in 1984, and the license was later purchased by Cadbury Schweppes in 1986. Under their guidance, flavors such as Fruit Punch and Sparkling Lemonade were introduced.

Cadbury Schweppes split up their operation in 2008, resulting in an American branch known as the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. Under this title, Sunkist is now shipped from distribution centers throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. As of this writing, Sunkist is the best-selling orange soda in America.

Sunkist Ingredients

While some of our readers will drink anything, others want to know exactly what's going into their bodies. For this reason, I've included a list of Sunkist ingredients that can be found in a 20 oz. bottle.

Keep in mind that the presence of sugar and artificial coloring has led Sunkist to be voted as the most unhealthy soda in America by the writers of Men's Health.

An 8 ounce serving of Sunkist cola contains the following:

Sunkist Coupons 2012

Even though the Internet is becoming the primary place to get Sunkist coupons in 2012, you can still find plenty of bargains the old-fashioned way. The best option comes to your mailbox each Sunday, when the hefty weekend edition of the newspaper is delivered. Inside, you'll find a stack of ads and free coupons for the various stories in your area, and a bit of digging should net you some free Sunkist coupons. I also like to look at the papers during the week, as other discounts may be available to the more dedicated bargain hunters.

Printable Sunkist Soda Coupons

While the official Sunkist website doesn't offer any free coupons, they do feature Facebook points under the cap of each 20oz. bottle. You'll win between one and 5,000 Facebook points each time you collect a cap and enter the code, and these can be redeemed for games, movies, and much more. You can find additional information at the Sunkist site or on their Facebook page, but don't expect to find any coupons in the process.

If you're already looking online, you can also type 'free Sunkist coupons' into Google and see what comes up. There are numerous sites that now specialize in collecting the latest coupons, and you should be able to locate a decent assortment with a minimum amount of trouble. I even found search results for Sunkist coupons being sold on eBay and at Amazon.

While I enjoy shopping for groceries, I don't enjoy obnoxious children and people coughing all over me. For that reason, I try to get in and get out as fast as possible. Luckily, most major grocery stores such as Kroger and Wal-Mart post their weekly deals online, allowing you to print them out and carry with you. Then, you can make a beeline to the savings and get back to your car before somebody gives you the flu.

Types of Sunkist Products

Sunkist comes in a wide range of flavors. When you're searching for free, printable coupons be sure to keep an eye out for all of the following:

No matter which flavor you're partial to, Sunkist has something to sooth your taste buds. Their free coupons come in a wide variety, and many of these can be printed up right on your computer. All you have to do is present them at your local grocery store, grab a bottle of Sunkist, and head for the sun.